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Kitchen or Bathroom Refresh|Boutique Package

Please note that before buying this package, you must have scheduled  an Intake Consultation and Walk-thru package.
This unique package is designed for clients who are tired of their kitchen or bathroom space and are simply looking for a cosmetic make-over without any major structural changes. We will reinvent the design of your kitchen or bathroom with wall colors, adding wallpaper or new tile, new hardware, accessories, fixtures and lighting. The goal is a budget makeover without the high price tag.

  1. What is the difference between a kitchen or bathroom refresh and a full-service design renovation? A kitchen or bathroom refresh offers cosmetic changes to your space without touching the structure of the room or modifying major elements such as vanities and cabinetry. You will be surprised how much we can accomplish by updating a few features such as wall colors or hardware. If you want a full gut and renovation, we encourage you to contact us for a Full Design service proposal.
  2. Can any kitchen or bathroom be refreshed? No, this is why it is imperative that we visit a space prior to you purchasing this package. We won't be able to proceed if we consider that the existing structure, layout or cabinetry are too damaged or outdated.
  3. How far do you travel? This package is valid for local clients only, within 40 miles of Concord MA.

What's included in this package?
This package includes :

  • a color scheme
  • a mood board
  • 15-hour research towards tiles, wall colors, fixtures, stone, hardware, lighting, and accessories.
  • 6 hours of meetings either with you or your build team

Items to be purchased for the renovation can be purchased via our portal.

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