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Intake Consultation + Walk-Thru | Boutique Package

Please note that must have scheduled an Initial Contact Call and a Discovery Video Call prior to the intake consultation.
This is the first step towards starting your collaboration with Elza B Design, whichever packet you choose. During this initial meeting, we will visit the space you wish to redesign, review the questionnaire you filled out and ask additional questions to get to know you better. We will look at the pictures you gathered to show us your design preferences and see how we can incorporate this style in your space. We will also get to know you by introducing you to different materials and colors and see how you react to them. The meeting lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours.1/2 of the visit fee is credited into the design fees if you sign a Full Design contract with us. It is not credited back choose you choose one of our packages.
1. During this meeting, will you give me ideas on what you plan to do in my space or show me floorplans? At this early stage of the project, we will simply take a look at the space and get to know you better. We will ask questions, so will you, and we can begin talking about the space and design direction. It will give us valuable information on your personality, taste and needs for the space.
2. I am not sure I am ready to sign a contract and move forward with you?   That is perfectly ok. This is why we do this initial meeting prior to the signature of a contract. After this meeting you will have all the cards in hand to make the decision to move forward with us or not. We will also be able to see on our end if we are the best partner for your project.
3. Can I reschedule my time?   Yes you can, so long as you give us advance notice (72 hours preferred) and reach out to schedule another time.
4. Are appointments refundable?   No, appointments are not refundable.
5. How much does this initial consultation costs? The fee for this consultation is $ 400. Half of this amount is credited into the design fees if you sign a FULL DESIGN contract with us. It is not credited back if you should choose one of the other packages.
6. What happens after this consultation ? If both parties think this is a good fit, we will prepare a follow up agreement contract  specific to your project and directions on how to proceed.