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Full- Service Design | Custom Package

The full-service design is a customized contract that is priced based on your needs, project and actual space. 95% of our clients decide to go with this option, as it is the most comprehensive and tailored to your exact needs. It is especially recommended for clients who wish to have us design more than one room, or have a project that requires extensive work (including but not limited to structural modification of the space).
When choosing this service, clients typically have access to:

  • 2D and 3D Renderings (CADs) per space
  • Mood boards
  • Colors schemes
  • Identifying trade specialists for your project needs
  • Collaboration with architects, construction/build firms
  • Specifying and ordering all elements needed prior to construction
  • Personalized product research
  • Access to trade reserved partners
  • Construction site visit and client advocacy
  • Product customization (furniture, rugs, art…)
  • Overseeing orders and deliveries
  • Art curation
  • Installation
  • Styling & accessorizing

The pricing of this service includes a hybrid solution, composed of flat rates and hourly rates. Flat fees are applied towards the project planning phase (3D Renderings, colors, mood boards, photography, and measurements). Hourly fees are pre-purchased in 20 hourly packages for managing design research and project from beginning to end.
The first step in purchasing this full service design package is to book an Initial Contact Call with us. During the call, you can tell us more about your project.
I am still not sure if I choose a boutique package or with a full-service design.
Having an initial conversation with us will help bring more clarity to the scope of your project. Let's meet during a 10 min complementary Initial Contact Call and we will take it from there.
How long does designing a room take?
The process can take a while, anywhere from 6 months to a year. On average, a full room design project is a minimum of 35 hours of work including meetings and presentations. Getting to the finish product will also depend on how many custom items you select and how fast you make decisions.
Unfortunately, COVID has impacted the supply chain and we are facing delays across the board this year. We try to minimize as much as possible the wait time for our clients, however delays are to be expected.
I don't have a contractor and need help finding one. Can you do that?
Absolutely ! Over the years, we have built strong relationships with excellent builders, contractors and specialized trade companies. We are happy to advise you on professionals who can work on your project.

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